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Corporate services

We help busy people understand what to eat, how to exercise for optimal health and weight loss. Under the leadership of uniquely qualified nutrition and fitness experts, Certified Health and Fitness Instructor with dual degrees in both nutrition and exercise science, our staff has been working with professional athletes and Olympic champions.

CORPORATE PROMOTIONS greatest joy and strongest strength is helping businesses attain one of the greatest gifts of all-the gift of good health.

We will bring our equipment and staff to your offices or your facilities. In doing so we will:

  • Creative innovative executive fitness and wellness programs
  • Provide experienced and confidential psychological support, advice and coaching to senior executives/ management in the areas of work-life balance or family, life issues

Company and employee benefits

  • Employee morale boosting and ultimately improving their work ethic
  • Healthier employees result in less absenteeism and increased rates of productivity
  • Companies with health programs may receive lower insurance rates from their providers
  • Healthy employees have fewer insurance claims, fewer days of paid disabilities, and fewer accidents

Case studies